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Posted on 23-Oct-2002 14:06 GMT by Joe (Edited on 2002-10-23 16:42:41 GMT by Christian Kemp)14 comments
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It's not Axl Rose, but Tony Hawk who gets his Amiga heritage mentioned in a Slashdotted Wired article on homes of the super-rich.
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Posted by cOrpse on 23-Oct-2002 15:16 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (Jope):
Maybe now is the time Amiga should start contacting celeb amiga users and asking them if out of the goodness of their hearts would do some promotional stuff .. maybe chuck some amigaOnes their way for it ;)
" yeah , heres OS4 , its got this great little game built in , its a bit like whack'a'mole but more amiga related" - Says Tony hawks sitting next to his spanking new amiga one .
#6 Don Cox
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