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Posted on 26-Oct-2002 13:56 GMT by Steve Evans (Edited on 2002-10-27 17:17:26 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš)2 comments
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Done in double quick time, and with another exclusive interview, we bring you Warlocks, Wizards and Witches. And what a bumper issue it is, Plenty to keep you amused and interested. Well it is that time of year again, Trick & Treat Season, So why not make the Kids some delicious Halloween Snacks (Check out or recipe page) for

Worm Burgers
Simple Pimples
Strained Eyeballs

Food that youngsters just can't resist, And best of all they are easy to make :)

On a more serious Note, We take an indepth look at Broadband in this issue, Check out the results of our Website survey. Broadband MUST be the way forward for all serious Internet users, But can YOU get it ???

Sadly there are a lot of people in the UK that can't, Their area is not covered by BT or the various Cable companies, So what can they do? ...Check out Ian Urie's superb Interview with "Eoin Lambkin" of "SatDrive" a company pledged to bring a Broadband service to all via Sattelite.

On the Computer hardware front, Check out the following: A Printer that slips into your Pocket? the Brother MPrint,or Iomega's NEW 750mb Zip Drive.

A lot of Internet users change their email addresses, Are you one of those ...Are you sure you informed everyone (You might be missing a vital mail) Check out "Return Path" a site that solves your problems.

Are you a lover of Computer games?, Yes ...Great. Have you all the latest Patches for your games? ...YES Even the older Amiga games? For A host of Patches for all format of computer games check out our "Gamers Delight" page.

Our fans to the "Steam Corner" pages, are in for a special treat (In this Issue and ones to come) Two New rail companies featured in this Issue "The Watercress Line" and "Nashville,Chatanooga & ST.Louis Railway.

Of course we still feature our every popular Jokes section, But do you know what your pets get up to when your backs turned?

Our Dashing Dalmatian (Domino the Dogs Body) Goes undercover with his camera and brings you the Answer :)

All this and Much Much more in The CRYPT Magazine.

The Crypt
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