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[News] WOASE Show Report and PicturesANN.lu
Posted on 03-Nov-2002 20:23 GMT by Sam "Bifford the Youngest" Byford10 comments
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Sam Byford's Photos and Report on the WoaSE 2002 Show. Available on the kickstart site. Visit http://www.kickstart-amiga.co.uk/ If anyone wants to send me photos to add to the site please be my guest. Unfortunatly I didn't have much time During the show to take pictures so most of these are pre-show shots.
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WOASE Show Report and Pictures : Comment 10 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by CDATA on 05-Nov-2002 11:24 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Sam "Bifford the Youngest" Byford):
"But lets face it if PC/mac browsers wernt so damn lame it'd work with that because anything inside those <!-- --> which i HAD done correctly would simply be ignored. Not my fault the stoopid browsers got confused!!"
It's an SGML comment block. The "stoopid" browsers are doing the only sensible thing short of just putting up an error "Sorry, this page seems to have been written by a retarded monkey, please try a page that doesn't suck". Which is what they'll do with this sort of junk once XML takes over.
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