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[News] Frogger goes Open SourceANN.lu
Posted on 05-Nov-2002 14:26 GMT by Lewis Mistreated37 comments
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Taken from Frogger homesite:
After being informed that Frogger breaks GPL license, Ive removed the two plugins based on GPL code. Also, Ive put the acknowledgement note on www pages. The source code for LGPL based plugins are now also available.
Moreover, Frogger goes Open Source, cvs with source code and other goodies should be ready within few days.
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Frogger goes Open Source : Comment 32 of 37ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 06-Nov-2002 13:00 GMT
Sorry for offence this comment may cause, but I think this demostrates how stupid the GPL is. Frogger has required a lot of development and work from the author and he now must release opensource because he used some other GPL source. As we have seen in past threads, this does not extend just to the module but to the whole program. In the Linux/Unix world where everyone just operates by free opensource stuff this may be ok, but now what incentive is there for anyone to register Frogger?
I am not attacking opensource here, but the over-extent of the GPL. The LGPL is much more sensible and is what most people (both those who release and those who use source) thinks the GPL means
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