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Posted on 15-Nov-2002 20:33 GMT by Dietmar Eilert2 comments
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Service Pack 3 is now available for users of GoldED Studio AIX

Download Trial This update is only available in form of a replacement CD due to the enormous increase in size after adding gcc (67MB were added since the last version).

gcc C/C++ Compiler

The latest addition to GoldED Studio AIX is extensive support for the famous gcc compiler. The complete set of software required for C/C++ development with GNU C is included and you will have your gcc-based development environment up and running in minutes via a comfortable setup program. It's never been easier to get started with gcc. Read more...

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GoldED Studio AIX updated : Comment 1 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by Jon on 19-Nov-2002 06:16 GMT
Can't find page? I hope it's temporary..
#2 Dietmar
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