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[Web] Genesi's turn to be featured on Slashdot.ANN.lu
Posted on 23-Nov-2002 21:53 GMT by Keith Blakemore-Noble (Edited on 2002-11-24 10:53:39 GMT by Christian Kemp)31 comments
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After the recent information about AmigaOS4 and the AmigaOne appearing on Slashdot, it's now the turn of Genesi (with PegasOS and MorphOS) to be featured.
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Comment 1Troels E23-Nov-2002 20:58 GMT
Comment 2smithy23-Nov-2002 21:19 GMT
Comment 3catohagen23-Nov-2002 21:51 GMT
Comment 4Keith Blakemore-Noble23-Nov-2002 22:02 GMT
Comment 5Keith Blakemore-|Noble23-Nov-2002 22:12 GMT
Comment 6cOrpse24-Nov-2002 00:08 GMT
Comment 7Fabio Alemagna24-Nov-2002 01:47 GMT
Comment 8Fabio Alemagna24-Nov-2002 02:09 GMT
Comment 9bhickman24-Nov-2002 05:49 GMT
Comment 10strobe24-Nov-2002 08:01 GMT
Comment 11Rob24-Nov-2002 08:49 GMT
Comment 12Rob24-Nov-2002 08:57 GMT
Comment 13m0ns00n24-Nov-2002 09:11 GMT
Comment 14Anonymous24-Nov-2002 09:39 GMT
Comment 15CodeSmith24-Nov-2002 09:51 GMT
Genesi's turn to be featured on Slashdot. : Comment 16 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Ole-Egil on 24-Nov-2002 10:24 GMT
In reply to Comment 15 (CodeSmith):
cOrpse would love that name ;-)
#22 cOrpse
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Comment 20David Scheibler24-Nov-2002 12:14 GMT
Comment 21Rob24-Nov-2002 13:52 GMT
Comment 22cOrpse24-Nov-2002 14:10 GMT
Comment 23Bill McEwen25-Nov-2002 01:38 GMT
Comment 24bbrv25-Nov-2002 06:09 GMT
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