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[News] AmigaOne @ Amiga+Retro Computing 2002ANN.lu
Posted on 30-Nov-2002 13:06 GMT by catohagen52 comments
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After it was clear that neither Amiga Inc., nor Eyetech and Hyperion Entertainment will present the new AmigaOne at the AMIGA + RETRO COMPUTING 2002, we started thinking about how to get an AmigaOne to the show anyway.

Source : Amiga-news.de The solution is an offer from Computer City. Owner Ron van Herk provides his own AmigaOne, and the members of the Amiga-Club im BTX & Internet will do the presentation.

The computer on display is an AmigaOneSE-G3 with 750CXe 600 MHz CPU, equipped with 128 MB SDRAM PC133 and an ATI Radeion 7000 64 MB SDR VGA graphics card with TV-Out, and of course the Cherry Cybo@rd-keyboard that's being sold by Computer City. The operating system installed is only a Suse LinuxPPC 7.3, but it'll give an impression of the hardware.
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AmigaOne @ Amiga+Retro Computing 2002 : Comment 43 of 52ANN.lu
Posted by takemehomegrandma on 01-Dec-2002 19:15 GMT
In reply to Comment 36 (Phill):
>> Of course. But still, they are selling the product *now* (I consider OS4 and
>> A1 to be two components of *one* product). If they can't tell their customers
>> when they can start to use their "new Amigas" as "Amigas", then they
>> shouldn't be selling the product at this time IMHO.
> You don't have to buy it,
I propably won't buy it. I have not the *slightest* interest in the A1 hardware, and I have no interest in OS4 since it will obviously be released only as OEM for the A1, which I again have very little interest in.
> but I don't like you saying what other people are allowed to buy.
I have *never* told other people what they "are allowed" to buy! Please read again!
My posts above is about AmigaInc, Hyperion and Eyetech *selling* a product *now* that will be released (?) sometime in the future. They are selling it *now*, without even showing it in public first. The people buying this product now doesn't know when they can start using it (as an Amiga). My point is that I think it's strange that they are selling the product at a point where it's not even showable in public. Of course people "are allowed" to buy it, and the above mentioned companies are propably even allowed to sell it, but I sincerely question the ethics in doing that.
> They were always going to sell a Linux version of this board that can't run
> AmigaOS, the only difference is that you can currently buy a Linux system
> with the ability to run AmigaOS in the future.
I know that the MAI boards are available for Linux users, but the *Amiga One* as a product is made of two components; a MAI mobo with an OS4 dongle, and the OS4 itself. Those two components (together with an "Amiga" label) forms the product "Amiga One". They are selling that product *now*, and now is not the future. But you can't use the product now. In fact, you can't even see a working version of it at this time!
#44 NeRP
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