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Posted on 30-Nov-2002 17:28 GMT by Nico Barbat (editor-in-chief AMIGAplus)23 comments
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Large acts must be celebrated on a grand scale. As of December 2002 the German print magazin AMIGAplus and varyingly partners are assigning the annual Amiga Award. With this price elected representatives of the Amiga-community are awarded for special achievements during the last 12 months at a time. The laureates of the Amiga Award 2002 will be honored at the AMIGA + Retro Computing in Aachen, Germany, on 7 December 2002. Read on. Take part in the elections!

Express your Thanks with us to all Amiga developers out there once in a year!

The elections will be put together by one third of these parties: Firstly you as an active or inactive Amiga user, secondly selected representatives of the community and thirdly the editorial staff of AMIGAplus. So you have the opportunity to take part in the appointment of the Amiga Award 2002 laureates!

Among all participants of the election we draw prices in the value of over 800 Euro, among them one Amiga 1200/060 sponsored by eXpreSystems as well as various games and applications. The winners among the users will be announced on December 20th, 2002.

Participation conclusion is December 6th, 2002, at 15:00 CET. The course of law is excluded as always.

Send your votes at http://www.amiga-award.org!

Amiga Award 2002 - Nominees

Please specify a candidate, who (from your point of view) distinguished himself by an innovative product or another special achievement in the year 2002 and who pushed the Amiga one step forward by this action.

The award in this category is sponsored by falkemedia, publisher of AMIGAplus.

- AudioLabs (ProStationAudio)
- bplan GmbH (Pegasos)
- Bernd Meyer & Harald Frank (Amithlon)
- E3B - Michael Böhmer (Highway)
- Eternity Computer (Tales of Tamar)
- Eyetech (AmigaOne)
- Grasshopper LLC (PageStream)
- Hyperion Entertainment (Freespace u.a.)
- IOSPIRIT (fxSCAN u.a.)
- ZeoNeo (Planet Zed)

Amiga Award 2002 Extra - Nominees

Additionally to the main category Amiga Award we are assigning the alternating Amiga Award Extra. This year a person or group representing the software developer community (shareware/freeware) shall be honored.

The award in this category is endowed by 250,- Euro and realized in this year by the financial support of Genesi, a fusion of Thendic-France S.A.R.L. and bPlan GmbH.

- AmiATLAS-Team (AmiATLAS)
- AWeb-Team (AWeb)
- Chris Hodges (Poseidon)
- Gabriele Greco (SDL)
- ScummVM-Team (ScummVM)
- SixK (diverse Portierungen)
- VHT-DK-Team (Anti-Viren-Software)
- WHDLoad-Team (WHDLoad)
- WinUAE-Team (WinUAE)
- YAM-Team (YAM)

Amiga Award 2002 - Free elections

Moreover we are organising free elections in these categories:

- Best Amiga hardware 2002
- Best Amiga software 2002
- Best Amiga game 2002

We are looking forward to heavy response.

Amiga Award 2002
Organized by AMIGAplus.
Supported by Genesi, falkemedia and eXpreSystems.

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