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[News] ARC 2002 report by SenexANN.lu
Posted on 09-Dec-2002 15:24 GMT by Christian Kemp (Edited on 2002-12-09 17:04:14 GMT by Christian Kemp)56 comments
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On Morphos-news, there's a nice ARC report, including this tidbit: "The release of the G4 CPU-boards is planned for the end of January - and for this event there will be a limited number of Pegasos-computers in special cases." :) Martin adds: Furthermore there's a more general text for people not familiar with the Amiga market about what Genesi, Pegasos and MorphOS are about. Since my English is very bad and very much "german English" - especially since I wrote it in Aachen -, I suggest that if you are able to understand German, you better read the original version.
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ARC 2002 report by Senex : Comment 1 of 56ANN.lu
Posted by priest on 09-Dec-2002 14:38 GMT
This: "And also regarding the former Amiga-domain video-editing there were good news: Genesi and Electronic Design are bringing professional video editing back to the Pegasos and other Amiga-computers with PowerPC and PCI. For this purpose Electronic Design will make available an OEM version of their analog video editing card as well as every necessary technical documentation and assistence to support analog video-in/out on the Pegasos. Furthermore it is considered to offer a "video editing upgrade" for all Amigas with PPC and PCI (including the "AmigaOne"), which will include a DV & analog video editting card, MorphOS and the editing software. "
Sounds rather stupid, needing to multiboot to (unexisting) MorphOS to run this application on AmigaOne. But not even AOS4 exists on AmigaOne, so let's see what the time brings...
#3 catohagen
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