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[Web] Heise Online Covers Terrasoft selling TeronCXANN.lu
Posted on 10-Dec-2002 00:23 GMT by Andreas C. Schmidt23 comments
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The german computer news site Heise published an information on Terrasoft selling ATX-mainboards (german only) starting january 2003.

This ATX mainboard is the well-known TeronCX coming from Mai, which is also known as the AmigaOneG3-SE - or according to Eyetech which as almost the same.

Interesting detail is, that Terrasoft, sells this mainboard for less than 600,- EUR (including 16% german VAT) rendering it cheaper than the AmigaOne. Furthermore Terrasoft will ship their boards for only US$ 28,- ! The cheapest AmigaOneG3 in Germany costs EUR 686,- (without shipping).

Without any doubt the AmigaONE will only be a success if it also sells to other markets than the Amiga-market - but how will Eyetech be able to sell AmigaONE-boards to non Amiga-customer (e.g. Linux-PPC users) if an equal board is a lot cheaper ? And what about the "exclusive" distribution rights in Europe, Eyetech claims to have ?

Alan Redhouse, please wake up, and start acting *SERIOUSLY* or otherwise the rest of the Amiga will surely vansih - just like Eyetech, if it does not make any profit anymore !

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