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[News] AmigaDE content ships with Microsoft Pocket PakANN.lu
Posted on 12-Dec-2002 22:37 GMT by 25 comments
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According to CompUSA website, Microsoft Poket Pack for Pocket PC, now shipping, contains one "Amiga game" the Crossword Puzzle.

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Comment 1redrumloa12-Dec-2002 21:59 GMT
Comment 2Anonymous12-Dec-2002 22:01 GMT
Comment 3KenH12-Dec-2002 22:08 GMT
Comment 4JoannaK12-Dec-2002 22:12 GMT
Comment 5cOrpse12-Dec-2002 23:03 GMT
Comment 6Janne12-Dec-2002 23:08 GMT
Comment 7JoannaK12-Dec-2002 23:34 GMT
Comment 8Anonymous13-Dec-2002 01:40 GMT
Comment 9priest13-Dec-2002 06:13 GMT
Comment 10Anony Mouse13-Dec-2002 06:48 GMT
Comment 11Humm13-Dec-2002 09:17 GMT
Comment 12derf13-Dec-2002 09:19 GMT
Comment 13AlBolone13-Dec-2002 11:23 GMT
Comment 14Anonymous13-Dec-2002 13:18 GMT
Comment 15Anonymous13-Dec-2002 13:20 GMT
Comment 16Anonymous13-Dec-2002 17:07 GMT
Comment 17Anonymous13-Dec-2002 17:10 GMT
Comment 18Anonymous13-Dec-2002 17:11 GMT
Comment 19NeRP13-Dec-2002 20:18 GMT
Comment 20Anonymous13-Dec-2002 21:10 GMT
Comment 21butterwheat14-Dec-2002 01:37 GMT
Comment 22Mike Veroukis14-Dec-2002 19:00 GMT
Comment 23JoannaK14-Dec-2002 21:49 GMT
Comment 24Anon15-Dec-2002 16:10 GMT
Comment 25Anonymous17-Dec-2002 11:19 GMT
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