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Issue 31, the December 2002 issue of the 100%AMIGA, the Amiga's only monthly CD magazine is out now. This month is the biggest issue ever as we take a close look at last monthís World of Amiga show including... the full 72 minute video of the show for those who donít have broadband! We also feature Software Tycoon and as a special Xmas bonus (for UK subscribers only) we have also included a second CD packed full with Quake 2 add-ons and levels. Of course, we have got into the festive mood with seasonal music and a slideshow. With all the latest Amiga news and over 1.2 Gigabytes of Amiga stuff you need to subscribe now!
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100%AMIGA XMAS ISSUE : Comment 5 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by L8-X on 14-Dec-2002 15:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (Paul Laycock):
There are OTHER subjects to cover, not just reviews of software....base a mag on that alone and it would never survive in this present climate. You can fill a cd full of freeware/shareware of which I personally can d/l easily, not much use for me but which would be of use to a lot of amigans with no net access or slow dial up.

I liked the woase video in this months mag, that was an EXCELLENT inclusion that for me saved this months mag, but as I said earlier I want to READ things not just have a collection of PD.

If you have nothing to read you really can`t call it a magazine now can you.

PS some other things you can write about......

interviews....hyperion/genesi/software writers etc.
Tutorials....many subjects to cover
Readers letters
Helps & tips

No doubt there a loads of other things to write about not just software reviews or a little bit of news.

#7 L8-X
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