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Posted on 15-Dec-2002 07:34 GMT by Halvadjian Georges8 comments
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PerfectPaint V2.9 is available at http://gothic.fr.free.fr/amiga/index.html PerfectPaint V2.9 is available: WHAT'S NEW : - New drawing effect: TV Lace and the arexx command. - Improve text: PfPaint can now read TrueType fonts with the help of ttengine.library Add 2 new buttons:Select Character (very useful for Dingbats fonts) and Font path history Add 2 new item in the requester menu: Upper text and Lower text - litle update for the script 'Lensflare' - New asynchron window: Undo/Redo(You can easily jump from one step of the picture to another step) - Some Bug corrected - Size Presets added to the 'New' requester and 'Scale page' requester - AutoCrop (include in the 'crop' requester) - PfPaint will Detect automatically PGM picture and load it. PS or PDF file, and try to load it with the help of ghostscript - Improve text effect "Azzaro" - 2 New text effect: Water and River - Improve window history - Fix a bug with picbrush tool and very big picture - 5 new tooltypes(SCREEN_ID,SCREEN_WIDTH,SCREEN_HEIGHT,SCREEN_DEPTH,CYBERGRAPHX) - Limit Border&Edge to 24bits picture - Improve 'Compose' requester' - New Item in the 'Picture' menu "Crop & Paste" - Improve "Adjust levels" with an editable tolerance
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PerfectPaint V2.9 : Comment 5 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by Darren Glenn on 15-Dec-2002 11:28 GMT
woohoo another update to my favourit paint package, keep the updates coming :)
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