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[News] (From AOrg) GPSoft and Hyperion clear up DOpus issueANN.lu
Posted on 17-Dec-2002 09:59 GMT by Björn Hagström39 comments
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Seems the Hyperion/GPSoftware troubles with Directory Opus has been cleared up. Read more on Amiga.org
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Comment 35pVC18-Dec-2002 14:24 GMT
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Comment 37pVC18-Dec-2002 20:50 GMT
(From AOrg) GPSoft and Hyperion clear up DOpus issue : Comment 38 of 39ANN.lu
Posted by Solar on 19-Dec-2002 09:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 37 (pVC):
(Shameless plug warning - convinced DOpus 6 user. Ignore if alergic to the "W" word.)

> And not forgetting the great ftp module, file renaming methods
> (for example inline editing, which just rules :)), good arexx
> support etc etc.

That was the reason why I was so happy when DOpus 6 came out. I do no longer have the option to use my Amiga for everyday work - but at least I have the option to enjoy at least *some* of the "easiness" that made the Amiga my favourite platform ever. You can even use MagicWorkbench / GlowIcons for your toolbars, and install it at the office even without admin priviledges... :-D

Mind you, I do not think DOpus 6 stands up to Magellan II, but it's the damn best alternative to that joke of Windows Explorer. About the same as with GoldEd and UltraEdit: The Amiga SW rules, but at least you get *some* of the spirit when you have to live out there in cold hard Windows world... which most of us "heretics" aren't exactly by choice.

> But as I said, you have to use it as WBR or you can't get 100% of it.

Copy that. 5.82 replaced my Workbench, 6.2 replaced my Explorer.
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Comment 39Alan21-Dec-2002 16:30 GMT
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