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Posted on 18-Dec-2002 08:56 GMT by Piru55 comments
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Remember the days H&P was still alive and kicking? Remember the WarpUP vs. PowerUP wars? Remember the days of speculation about new hardware and OS? Here is a massive but entertaining thread from the past. Several personalities from the "camps" of today posted in it. Funnily maybe the biggest player back then - H&P - is somewhat out of the game now, but some of the players remain.

If you read that thread now, remember these issues:

- StormC as a compiler is dead. StormC use GCC now.

- EHF (extended hunk format) is dead, ELF is the future (used in both OS4 and MOS).

- H&P 68k emulation never surfaced.

- WarpUP ramlib crashes were due to opening disk based libraries in LibInit of the library and thus causing recursive ramlib calls and stack overflow, not due to some "anti-warpup" code. [sidenote: Current Warp3D *still* crash due to these OpenLibrary calls when it open its' sub-lib in LibInit, unless you have ramlib stack patched. There is a easy way to fix these crashes, open the sublibs in LIB_OPEN...]

- There now is a system that run 68K, WOS & PUP apps on PPC only hardware.

I'm not saying that you should be able to predict the future, but some guys seem to have been right more than 50% of the time.

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blast from the past : Comment 33 of 55ANN.lu
Posted by Steffen Haeuser on 18-Dec-2002 22:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 29 (Johan Rönnblom):
>Steffen, this is not true. I had a long email conversation with
> you back at this time, _after_ the loadsegpatch had been spread,
> and you were still 100% against anything that had anything to do with
> ELF. You're distorting what happened.

You might be aware that Heretic II, Hyperion's first commercial game, actually uses the
ELF Format (due to being compiled with gcc-WarpUP) and I am recommending
this compiler since quite a looong time (long before either OS 4 or MorphOS
ever were even planned). And this compiler uses ELF (even if only as a
"in-between" format). If I would see ELF as evil like you and some other people
claim, how could I use gcc-WarpUP then ? Now, how many years ago was
Heretic II for AmigaOS done ? (And I mean not "released", I mean "done").

So you see, my objections to ELF were tied to
a fitting OS-integration (in case of gcc-WarpUP where elf2exe2 converts
the ELF-Exe into an Amiga-Hunk-Exe this is no problem - and for a future
AmigaOS-like OS - whichever OS it is - OS as in "not only a PPC-Addon-Patch, but
a full OS" - the one who is developing the OS
can simply reimplement LoadSeg() ... complete transparent inclusion also...).
I admit that I had objections against *ppc.library* asides from it's fileformat...

One also has to see that gcc is ways more important these days than it
was 5 years ago (5 years ago IMHO SAS/C and StormC were much more important,
and their 68k versions were both Amiga-Hunk-Format based). And adapting gcc
when using ELF is of course easier to do.

You see hatred from me in my mails ? I only see hatred in the likes of
people like "Anonymous" geared towards me. I am here in self-defense.
Recently I see a lot of hatred in some people related to self-announced
alternative AmigaOSes. Yes, especially towards me. Hatred which sometimes
really goes into the ridiculous. And well, people browsing through whole
5 years of mail to find something against "their hated enemy" shows a lot
about the hatred these people are feeling, right ?

If you still have any problems with me I suggest to discuss it with me by
private email.

Steffen Haeuser
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