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Posted on 02-Jan-2003 21:28 GMT by pixie45 comments
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The much rumbling about amigax86 has been disclosed... "Amigax86 is the name of a product that combined product known as Umilator (formerly known as "Amithlon") emulation with the Amiga Operating System (v3.9). This was to be a standalone product release by Extreme Computing that combined all available programming done by Bernt Meyer, with license from Amiga Inc., and several other software developers to give you the following on a single CD product:

Umilator Emulation Layer
Amiga OS3.9

*Improved Graphics Drivers
*Improved Sound Drivers
*Improved Ethernet & Modem Drivers
*AmigaDVD player

and the list goes on...
ImageFX (Full version 3.x)

Several high end games

A plethora of Amiga Utilities (both AmigaOS & x86-enhanced)

More x86 enhancements for full functionality of notebooks & other space saving technology. (We were so close!)"

The reason for not continuing with this product is mainly due to the recent announcement by Bernt Meyers to "retire" the product. As we have spent much time, effort, and many thousands of dollars to get this project out by the holiday season 2002, we are simply unable to release the product at this time. We are still very committed to this project, but have other commitments and priorities to tend to.

The Amigax86 project is "shelved" until further notice.

Amithlon is still available under the AmigaOS XL package, and still very functional on Desktop computers. Notebooks, and other space saving technology will either have to wait until we have more demand to create a new AmigaX86 code from scratch, or until Amiga OS 5 & AmigaDE is ready.

Extreme Computing is currently developing other software products for future developments of the Amiga OS/DE. Please go to our web sites for further details. http://www.extreme-computing.com/ http://www.extremeamiga.com/
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AmigaX86 unveiled : Comment 35 of 45ANN.lu
Posted by Bernd Meyer on 04-Jan-2003 06:59 GMT
In reply to Comment 31 (darklite):
> If you want to boycott whoever still sells Amithlon, I think you
> should also boycott the P96 team, for not helping Bernie out with a licence

No, please don't!

The P96 team are as much victims in all this as anybody else. They were perfectly happy to give me a license --- until someone called and mailed them along the lines of "We Will Sue Your Arses Off If You Give A Licence To Bernie!".
I find it very understandable that this threat made the hesitate. This is just a matter of self-preservation... Being sued is expensive, and annoying, even if you win in the end.
The P96 team, in fact, did more than realy could be hoped for. They had their lawyers check all the threats (several times), and in the end came through, despite the risk of having to defend themselves.

Let's not get carried away by emotion here, OK? I freely admit that I have cursed the P96 team a few times during '02 --- but those were heat-of-the-moment reactions. Looking at things objectively, there is nothing whatsoever to blame them for. Instead, they suffered a tremendous amount of stress and harrassment for no good reason and no money earned whatsoever. Please feel sympathy for them, rather than anger. The anger is better directed at those who made the threats....
#36 darklite
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