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[News] Amiga Inc. apologise for T-shirt delaysANN.lu
Posted on 05-Jan-2003 02:26 GMT by Jack Me (Edited on 2003-01-05 14:32:47 GMT by Christian Kemp)60 comments
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"Jack Me" writes: Amiga have added a small update to their site.: Jan 4, 2003 - Amiga Inc. would like to apologise unreservedly for the delay in getting the T-shirts out. We have received all the orders from the dealers and no blame should be attached to the dealers for the delay. There are several reasons for the delay and we are working on trying to get these remedied as quickly as possible. We hope to have everything sorted out in the next few weeks.

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Amiga Inc. apologise for T-shirt delays : Comment 47 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Lando on 05-Jan-2003 23:38 GMT
In reply to Comment 36 (Anonymous):
>I think we can't blame AINC no matter how much they suck
>nowadays. You people should blame yourself for spending
>money for shit you never receive. Didn't all your moms
>and dads told you to pay only for things you physically
>could get ? In this case for all of you that paid for
>imaginary shit. BLAME yourself. You obviously deserve it.

Ok, so I am to blame, since I "joined the club". However, at the time I signed up, I was sure (as I could be) that OS4 was imminent, that I'd be able to put my $50 towards it, and in addition I'd get newsletters/t-shirt, and more importantly, feel that I was contributing in some small way towards the future of our platform.

How could I know how it would turn out? Of course, I know better now, and I'll never trust Amiga Inc again. But is it fair to place all the blame on the club members for placing their faith in a company that, at the time, looked to be doing most things right? Suppose nobody had joined the club? Would there even be an OS4 at all? I doubt it.

Anyway, thats all in the past. My Pegasos and MorphOS have been ordered, and I can't wait for them to arrive. The new "Amiga" does exist, only it doesn't have a boingball on it, it has a butterfly. :)
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