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[News] RC5-72 pre-release client for AmigaOS now availableANN.lu
Posted on 14-Jan-2003 15:52 GMT by Man on the moon7 comments
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Get yer favourite AmigaOS RC distributed client here and prepare yourself to join the RC5-72bit cracking effort!
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Comment 1MIB14-Jan-2003 16:29 GMT
Comment 2PowerAmiga14-Jan-2003 18:12 GMT
RC5-72 pre-release client for AmigaOS now available : Comment 3 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Oliver Roberts on 14-Jan-2003 19:42 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (PowerAmiga):
There is an Altivec RC5-72, although I'm not sure if it's finished, as no platforms currently use it and there is no support for it in the client sources yet. Besides, I'll need an AltiVec capable compiler before I can compile the Altivec core - i.e. GCC 3.

However, the MH 2-pipe core is much faster than the ANSI cores that the PowerPC clients for the other platforms are currently using (until they are rebuilt to support the PPC optimized core).

I shall be uploading new pre-releases by the end of the week, with G3/G4 cpu detection available, and a fix for a nasty bug in the PowerUp client due to some leftover debug in the version of libnixppc that I use for building the client (this bug is present in all previous versions that I've built too!).
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Comment 4Keith Blakemore-Noble14-Jan-2003 19:50 GMT
Comment 5Lando14-Jan-2003 20:19 GMT
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