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[News] RC5-72 pre-release client for AmigaOS now availableANN.lu
Posted on 14-Jan-2003 15:52 GMT by Man on the moon7 comments
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Get yer favourite AmigaOS RC distributed client here and prepare yourself to join the RC5-72bit cracking effort!
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Comment 1MIB14-Jan-2003 16:29 GMT
Comment 2PowerAmiga14-Jan-2003 18:12 GMT
Comment 3Oliver Roberts14-Jan-2003 19:42 GMT
Comment 4Keith Blakemore-Noble14-Jan-2003 19:50 GMT
Comment 5Lando14-Jan-2003 20:19 GMT
RC5-72 pre-release client for AmigaOS now available : Comment 6 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by alan buxey on 14-Jan-2003 20:46 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (Keith Blakemore-Noble):
..true , true.

my DNet clients are set to OGR. thats unique and interesting.

however, the 'side effect' of having alternative platforms
is that i find distributed clients thin on the ground...where
i can, i run non mainstream stuff.... that said, my distributed
computing efforts include: SETI@Home, folding@Home, neo_client
(RSA-576, quite interesting), Mersenne-prime, IMP .... i try to
go for the non-commercial stuff

I'd like to see Amiga clients for SETI, IMP, folding@Home

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Comment 7Kal-L15-Jan-2003 08:51 GMT
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