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[News] Plexuscom and Genesi to Cooperate on PegasosPPC for CeBit ReleaseANN.lu
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Paris, France and Taipei Hsien, Taiwan February 14, 2002. Plexuscom a designer and manufactures of broadband Internet access solutions and appliances has reached an agreement with Genesi Sarl to produce and deliver limited quantities of the PegasosPPC computer for release at CeBIT 2003. Genesi and Plexuscom will share a Booth at CeBIT, 12-19 March in Hannover, Germany. Plexuscom and Genesi to Cooperate on PegasosPPC

Paris, France and Taipei Hsien, Taiwan February 14, 2002. Plexuscom a designer and manufactures of broadband Internet access solutions and appliances has reached an agreement with Genesi Sarl to produce and deliver limited quantities of the PegasosPPC computer for release at CeBIT 2003. Genesi and Plexuscom will share a Booth at CeBIT, 12-19 March in Hannover, Germany.

"We are very pleased to work with Plexuscom on the Pegasos," said Gerald Carda, Chief Technology Officer of Genesi. "Through this partnership, we look forward to greater collaboration in development and marketing efforts. Plexuscom’s expertise in development and manufacturing technologies and Genesi's system design and architecture will be combined to promote an exciting alternative platform for the Micro-ATX marketplace.

The two companies share a common vision. That is, to create products that are designed to achieve exceptional performance while reducing per-unit costs and time-to-market, commented John Tseng, President of Plexuscom. "Our first priority at Plexuscom continues to be our customers, and we are confident that by aligning with a partner like Genesi, we will rapidly expand our position globally and customers will benefit from the performance, flexibility and scalability of these new system capabilities."

The Pegasos MicroATX features

The Pegasos MicroPPC is a small, low power PowerPC motherboard with the following features:

Takes Single or Dual PowerPC RISC CPU (G3 or G4)
Supplied with 600MHz IBM G3
Mai Logic Articia with bplan April2 Northbridge
VIA Southbridge
AGP X2 slot
3 X PCI slots
ATA100 with two channels with up to four ATA devices
3 X Firewire
10/100 Mbit Ethernet
Audio I/O
PS2 Keyboard
PS2 Mouse
Riser connector
OpenFirmware based BIOS
Supplied with MorphOS, Debian Linux and Mac-on-Linux
Other operating systems in development.

Genesi and the Pegasos, Innovation for the Future

Genesi is a technology development and system integration engineering company located in Frankfurt, Germany, Paris, France and headquartered in Luxembourg. Genesi also operates through wholly owned subsidiaries in the United Sates and the United Kingdom, Genesi USA Inc. and Genesi UK Ltd. In addition to the Pegasos, Genesi has also developed the new Operating System, MorphOS, for PowerPC microprocessors. Designed for the Pegasos, MorphOS is a highly responsive, low overhead, desktop system, which runs hundreds of different applications.

Plexuscom, A Technology Power House

Plexuscom designs, manufactures, markets and delivers broadband Internet access solutions, Information appliance and USB peripherals.

Plexuscom's extraordinary commitment to customer needs is evidenced by its devotion to the production of customized products for diverse regional markets. Plexuscom is dedicated to the development of easy-to-use, reliable, low-maintenance and affordable high-speed solution for worldwide markets.

Plexuscom's strategic objective is to remain a market leader the development, implementation, supply and support of broadband Internet access, information appliance solutions, and USB peripherals.

Contact Information:

Plexuscom Contact:
John Tseng

Genesi Contact:
Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck
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Plexuscom and Genesi to Cooperate on PegasosPPC for CeBit Release : Comment 63 of 107ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 16-Feb-2003 15:58 GMT
In reply to Comment 59 (bbrv):

Hello BBRV,

I have one simple question to you. I already asked this on amiga-news.de but your employees refused to give a straight and correct answer to my question. Why did your company create a STB like looking case for the biggest computer show in germany called CeBIT. The customers and people who see this kind of devices will assume it's a STB. We here in the little Amiga community know that we can buy the hardware separately and stuff it in any case we like and use it like we used the Amiga in previous times. But your customers and people who are not familar will assume it to be a STB. The case shows it and from what I was told is that you gonna present the 'New Genesi Pegasos Computer' that way on the CeBIT.

Why are you making the whole remaining Amiga community HOT for many months and have their remaining users start a senseless stupid fight with the AmigaONE people when your main intentions are STB's ? A STB has nothing to do with Amiga, the spirit of Amiga or whatever. As written on amiga-news.de I personally don't care if you abuse your hardware for the Eclipsis, STB's or stuff the pegasos mainboard into a coffeemaker. I am only worried that you gonna show the Pegasos as a STB like Device on the CeBIT. If you seriously want to get people back to the Amiga(-Like) and get people programm your hardware and keep it alive by writing software then it may be really better to show it as such on the CeBIT as a full worthy Desktop Computer, with keyboard, mouse, cdrom/dvd/disk drive slots and have it run MorphOS. The picture shown on www.morphos-news.de clearly shows a STB, there are no slots in the case that shows or leads to assume it to carry a DVD, CDROM or diskdrive and the height of that case is aproximately not more than 5 cm. No way to stuff normal PCI hardware inside it. I don't know if this is the right way to go, well I am not in the position to tell you what to do with your hardware or your company or whatever but I am in the best position to carry around wrong 'news' in the whole community and make a lot of people become really pissed off. Your employees and news puppets already told me to make my own 'thoughts' because they where not willing to tell me more. Even simple questions totally simplified which could be answered with yes or no are not being answered.

Look, I'm a developer of Software I had high respect from Genesi, the Pegasos Hardware and the MorphOS Operating System and I was playing a couple of months with my mind to buy such a System in the hope to write commercial Software and make a few bucks with it. While I was also hoping that your company is showing it as full worthy computer to the world so more than just the 1000 remaining possible amiga customers gonna buy it. But showing the Pegasos computer in a STB like case (even if this is not the intention) will only reach the JOE USER who thinks 'wow a nice STB I gonna buy one place it on my TV and use it 1-2 times per week to surf for news'. These people probably never hear about the Amiga(-Spirit, Community) and probably never be able or interested to buy my Software and install it on such a System for global usage. By doing such an announcement I gonna reject buying such Hardware and reject making serious development on it since I don't see a point writing professional applications for a community of 1000 possible Ex-Amigans where probably 10-20 people are legally purchasing my software and the remaining 20000 STB purchasers probably never know that this System can be used for professional Work.

Well I was asking simple questions on www.amiga-news.de and your employees told me to make my own thoughts since they where not willing to answer my questions so please excuse me when I do some assumptions like this and spread missinformed thoughts into the community. But finally you are hurting your own company with this because there is no REAL CLEARIFYING informations. On the biggest german news page named above we exchanged 157 messages about this and at the final end it showed up that many germans lost hope in this.

Please the next time you gonna write Announcements to the public please write them clearly so no missunderstandings come up. This announcement really enlightened anger and flames which where not needed if a) your company writes better announcements and b) allows your employees to answer questions directly and precise and not talking like oracles where we need to pick everything out of their ass. Sorry for writing that directly here on this forum but I got heavily pissed off about your german employees.

We the customers and those interested in your hardware are no beggars or don't want anything as present from you. We are hardworking people who earn money and when we read such annoucements and ask your offiicial employees to answer a few questions then we like to get precise answers and no vague babbeling where we get told to make out own thoughts. You and the remaining other 2-3 Pro-Amiga working companies are in the lucky position where we customers need to beg and act like puppets to get any informations because Amiga market became a little niche market. If you'd done this on the PC/Workstations/Mainframe market then you could close the portals imediately. You build hardware and you announce it to the public in cryptic ways and force us the customers to start rumouring about your intentions. Thats seriously no good business. Your Hardware and Software may be really perfect and I still belive this but I think that your customers relationship and PR totally sucks at least the way your german employees reply to us. Sad that you don't understand german maybe it would be easier for you to understand and realize what I was trying to say on the german amiga-news.de page.

It's sad to see your company abuse the Amiga and the remaining stressed people for your commercialism by offering Desktop Hardware to them and then officially launch the Pegasos System in a STB like case. This is seriously wrong.
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