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[Rant] Forum: Why does this "community" suck so much?ANN.lu
Posted on 22-Feb-2003 14:56 GMT by Mr. Brot28 comments
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- developers fight developers (Amithl*n)
- users fight users (MOS/OS4)
- users fight developers (flames, depression)
- developers fight users (want revenge)
- dealers fight developers

Why has community become so sick? Comments would be interesting and are welcome. Any please try to drop your anti-x/anti-y attitudes for a few minutes. Thanks.

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Comment 1KenH22-Feb-2003 14:12 GMT
Comment 2reflect22-Feb-2003 15:56 GMT
Comment 3SlimJim22-Feb-2003 16:21 GMT
Comment 43seas22-Feb-2003 16:31 GMT
Comment 5Anonymous22-Feb-2003 16:37 GMT
Comment 6William F. Maddock22-Feb-2003 16:57 GMT
Comment 7Leo22-Feb-2003 17:27 GMT
Comment 8mark22-Feb-2003 18:19 GMT
Comment 9reflect22-Feb-2003 18:37 GMT
Comment 10Not a Eyetech Fan22-Feb-2003 18:41 GMT
Comment 11reflect22-Feb-2003 19:01 GMT
Comment 12Remco Komduur22-Feb-2003 19:02 GMT
Comment 13Iggy Drougge22-Feb-2003 19:03 GMT
Comment 14Aargh22-Feb-2003 21:18 GMT
Comment 15xter22-Feb-2003 23:59 GMT
Comment 16Some Farker23-Feb-2003 02:32 GMT
Comment 17Nate Downes23-Feb-2003 02:56 GMT
Comment 18strobe23-Feb-2003 03:16 GMT
Comment 19Kal-L23-Feb-2003 08:22 GMT
Comment 20-23-Feb-2003 08:25 GMT
Comment 21Druideck23-Feb-2003 08:54 GMT
Comment 223seas23-Feb-2003 13:24 GMT
Comment 23MarkTime23-Feb-2003 15:39 GMT
Comment 24Mike Veroukis23-Feb-2003 16:12 GMT
Comment 25Atheist223-Feb-2003 22:20 GMT
Comment 26King Solomon23-Feb-2003 22:44 GMT
Comment 27smp26624-Feb-2003 07:58 GMT
Comment 28MiRRoRMaN25-Feb-2003 18:03 GMT
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