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Posted on 10-Mar-2003 09:23 GMT by Halvadjian Georges (Edited on 2003-03-10 11:13:06 GMT by Christian Kemp)11 comments
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PerfectPaint V2.92 is available at gothic.fr.free.fr/amiga/index.html. The most important changes (Snapshot):
  • If you start PerfectPaint from shell, you can specify a filename.
  • - Add Horizontal and Vertical Rulers in Pixels, cm and Inches.
  • New Effect:FastPaint
  • New Arexx Command
  • Effect can now have his own Density mapping
  • You can now load template (Some Template are available for CD, DVD...)
  • Update Localisation file.
  • Improve 'New' requester
  • Improve Preview effect: Stencil and density mapping are showed now during the preview.
  • Improve Density mapping:New requester, New options, New file requester with thumbnail.
  • Improve Text requester:
  • Improve Processing tool:Much faster, Better aspect.
  • Improve All blending Algorithm: Better aspect and much faster.
  • Improve Crop, Scale window tool and Crop&Past script:

Note1: if you have some Problem with brush refresh, enable the "Picasso96" tooltype.

Note2: If you can't save PNG with alphachanel, check that you have installed the PBM datatype.

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