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Posted on 10-Mar-2003 21:04 GMT by Christian Kemp52 comments
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This is just a friendly reminder to all regulars of the comments section that profanity, personal insults and postings that otherwise violate ANN's guidelines can and will be deleted. Today, I implemented code to allow Christope and Teemu to moderate comments, which should ensure stricter enforcement of the posting guidelines and eliminate some of the noise.

I'm also working on a "trusted user" system, that would allow regular visitors to authenticate with me and have their name or nickname reserved. This will be optional. Since this is still work-in-prgress, comments on this subject are most welcome - especially on how the authentication could work.

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Comment 1dammy10-Mar-2003 20:07 GMT
Comment 2Abuse10-Mar-2003 20:09 GMT
Comment 3Teemu I. Yliselš10-Mar-2003 20:12 GMT
Comment 4[JC]10-Mar-2003 20:19 GMT
Comment 5[JC]10-Mar-2003 20:20 GMT
Comment 6Jerry Lewis10-Mar-2003 20:23 GMT
Comment 7Christian KempRegistered user10-Mar-2003 20:23 GMT
Comment 8redrumloa10-Mar-2003 20:25 GMT
Comment 9Christian KempRegistered user10-Mar-2003 20:31 GMT
Comment 10Severin10-Mar-2003 20:38 GMT
Comment 11Hooligan/DCS10-Mar-2003 20:41 GMT
Comment 12Christian KempRegistered user10-Mar-2003 20:44 GMT
Comment 13Christian KempRegistered user10-Mar-2003 20:57 GMT
Comment 14Jerry Lewis10-Mar-2003 21:13 GMT
Comment 15koan10-Mar-2003 21:22 GMT
Comment 16koan10-Mar-2003 21:24 GMT
Comment 17Lasse Bodilsen10-Mar-2003 21:40 GMT
Comment 18takemehomegrandma10-Mar-2003 21:55 GMT
Comment 19takemehomegrandma10-Mar-2003 22:12 GMT
Comment 20takemehomegrandma10-Mar-2003 22:45 GMT
Comment 21Johnny Ray10-Mar-2003 23:47 GMT
Comment 22anonymous11-Mar-2003 01:22 GMT
Comment 23[JC]11-Mar-2003 02:06 GMT
Comment 24strobe11-Mar-2003 03:26 GMT
Comment 25Don Cox11-Mar-2003 07:09 GMT
Comment 26takemehomegrandma11-Mar-2003 08:13 GMT
Comment 27rez11-Mar-2003 09:39 GMT
Comment 28priest11-Mar-2003 12:44 GMT
Comment 29alan buxey11-Mar-2003 12:55 GMT
Comment 30itix11-Mar-2003 13:00 GMT
Comment 31takemehomegrandma11-Mar-2003 13:15 GMT
Comment 32kjetil11-Mar-2003 13:28 GMT
Comment 33Alfred Schwarz11-Mar-2003 14:20 GMT
Comment 34Gregg11-Mar-2003 14:35 GMT
Comment 35takemehomegrandma11-Mar-2003 14:38 GMT
Comment 36Christian KempRegistered user11-Mar-2003 14:50 GMT
Comment 37A user11-Mar-2003 15:00 GMT
Comment 38takemehomegrandma11-Mar-2003 15:01 GMT
Comment 39Trizt11-Mar-2003 15:31 GMT
Comment 40MarkTime11-Mar-2003 17:08 GMT
Comment 41Alkis Tsapanidis11-Mar-2003 18:07 GMT
Comment 42Don Cox11-Mar-2003 19:27 GMT
Comment 43INSULT!!11-Mar-2003 20:19 GMT
Comment 44MarkTime11-Mar-2003 20:39 GMT
Comment 45Anonymous11-Mar-2003 21:05 GMT
Comment 46Solar12-Mar-2003 08:22 GMT
Comment 47Kjetil12-Mar-2003 11:31 GMT
Comment 48Trizt12-Mar-2003 16:34 GMT
Comment 49Darrin12-Mar-2003 21:07 GMT
Comment 50Nate Downes14-Mar-2003 03:51 GMT
Comment 51Solar14-Mar-2003 09:30 GMT
Comment 52SlimJim14-Mar-2003 10:03 GMT
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