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[Web] GFX-BASE Interview with SixKANN.lu
Posted on 18-Mar-2003 08:50 GMT by narr6 comments
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SOL-Invictus interviewed SixK for GFX-BASE, developer of many SDL-ports and the Amiga edonkey-client Bourriquet. In this huge and very detailed interview they talked about the edonkey-client, new projects, openpci.library, the current Amiga situation, the community and lots of other interesting topics. A big "Thank you" to Stefan Leitner aka SOL-Invictus, who did a great job with this in-depth interview and of course to SixK for the time he spent for answering those many questions. Find the interview it in our interview-section.
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GFX-BASE Interview with SixK : Comment 1 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by Elwood on 18-Mar-2003 11:27 GMT
>openPCI.library, a kind of wrapper for each amiga PCI device available for >amiga
>But he also made a Sound Blaster live joystick driver. He didn't have made >this driver available cause the lowlevel.library source code is propriety of >Morphos team.

Excuse me but "open" <=> "property" ?????
Is it really an open thing ? Someone can explain ?

#2 brotheris
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