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Posted on 20-Mar-2003 10:06 GMT by Senex12 comments
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Since MorphZone seems to be down at the moment, I'm reposting Genesi's CeBIT-Report here that has been published on MorphZone yesterday already. Genesi: CeBIT-Report 2003

By Ron van Herk & Martin Heine

CeBIT is over, 8 days of hard work are done! Genesi's first CeBIT was very successful. We had a lot of interesting talks, many many interested visitors and made some very prosperous deals.

We cannot go into detail on every single one of these, and obviously there are some (actually quite a few) things that we cannot disclose just yet. There are some things that we can share at this point, however:

Kato Development

Kato has developed sound card drivers for about 10 different audio chipsets. These include AC97 codecs, the Creative audio cards but also several Terratec models. We will help Kato in every way we can to port their drivers to the Pegasos/MorphOS system, so Pegasos users will have a wide variety of additional soundcards to choose from.


We hired the main Mediapoint programmer who already started to work full-time on completing the next generation version of the package. We are aiming for an initial release this summer. Our main target is the professional market, but existing users of the standalone version will be offered an upgrade as well, so they can benefit from the new features.

Additionally, the same programmer will do a MorphOS version of Inga, the graphic adventure creator in addition to the other conversions already planned. This will enable developers to generate graphical adventures or educational titles for our STB as well!


Also Genesi's russian distributor visited us at the fair. Currently the russian localization of MorphOS is in the works.


Genesi is considering offering a few MorphOS merchandising items, to be available at your local dealer. We do have some ideas of our own for this already, but would welcome any input on this subject!


As most of you already heard and some of you even saw, there was a short item on the Pegasos/MorphOS on the "Neues" show on the 3sat TV-channel. Although it was not that long, the item was quite nice and we already got some nice reactions on it.

That's it for now, more news as it becomes available. All the best from CeBIT, we're signing off!

Ron, Martin, André & Ulrich.
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