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[Files] Madwizards have won the Equinoxe demo compoANN.lu
Posted on 24-Mar-2003 15:27 GMT by Frodon29 comments
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The demo "Own love balance" made by Madwizards have won the demo compo competition at the Equinoxe Party this Week End! This demo is running on MorphOS and was presented on a Pegasos at the Equinoxe Party.

You can download the demo on the ftp.scene.org site.

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Madwizards have won the Equinoxe demo compo : Comment 8 of 29ANN.lu
Posted by catohagen on 24-Mar-2003 16:07 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (z5):
>Interesting. Was it good? Anything that made this demo stand out from their >AmigaPPC prods? What do demos on Pegasos look like?

guess it depends on if they used the Qbox or the Abox, a demo in Abox cant
be much different that amiga demos, since it in short words is an enhanced
AmigaOS 3.1 emulator.

Guess it depends also on the 3d engine used (if 3d effects are used) if
its using/emulating the Hyerions Warp3d engine or uses Morphos teams own
3D stuff (Rave3d ?)
#9 Mike Merkel #10 Sigbjørn Skjæret #19 Anonymous
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