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Posted on 25-Mar-2003 00:05 GMT by Chris Hodges (Edited on 2003-03-25 15:27:04 GMT by Christian Kemp)3 comments
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I've just uploaded the current work-in-progress version of Poseidon. It's mostly bug fixes and mass storage device improvements. Get the update here Dear Poseidon users,

I've just uploaded the current work in progress version of Poseidon. Although the version number has been bumped to V2.0, it contains mostly bug fixes. Please don't be disappointed, if you would have expected more from this release. I've had a lot of things to do (e.g. writing the driver for the cool Algor board and the FlashRom tool for the Romulus/Algor) and then again, I'm only coding on my spare time.

Nevertheless, this is a free update for all registered and licenced users except for one. This "Rat" has to stick to the old version. Support is something bilateral.

People who had problems with their digital cameras using the CB or CBI transport protocol (remember, Class 8, Subclass x, Protocol 0 or 1) could try again with the new mass storage class. It might work. I've spent some days with the USB Floppy drive I've borrowed from a friend of mine and works with it.

Also, AutoMounting has been improved, so the manual mounting process required by a few devices/media should be worries of the past.

As usually, there are new binaries for MorphOS aswell (and if somebody missed the news, the Pegasos USB driver by VFD has been released into the public a week ago).

Anyway, stay tuned, there is more to come. Enjoy the update.

Best regards,
Chris Hodges

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