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[Web] MorphZone: International Forums openedANN.lu
Posted on 04-Apr-2003 07:36 GMT by Senex37 comments
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Now open: International House of Chatter, the MorphZone multi-lingual forum. Initially, two languages are supported, German and French. Welcome to MorphZone! (Note: This is in addition to the default English forums.)

Neueröffnung: International House of Chatter, das multi-linguale Forum der MorphZone, indem vorerst Deutsch und Französisch gesprochen werden kann. Willkommen in der MorphZone!

Maintenant ouvert : Un nouveau lieu incontournable pour discuter, le forum multilingue de Morphzone.. Initialement 2 langues sont disponibles, Français et Allemand. Bienvenue sur MorphZone!
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Comment 1Senex04-Apr-2003 06:22 GMT
Comment 2AmiDelf04-Apr-2003 10:07 GMT
Comment 3catohagen04-Apr-2003 10:30 GMT
Comment 4Terry04-Apr-2003 10:40 GMT
Comment 5Kjetil04-Apr-2003 11:06 GMT
Comment 6greenboyRegistered user04-Apr-2003 11:13 GMT
Comment 7SlimJim04-Apr-2003 11:18 GMT
Comment 8L8-X04-Apr-2003 12:38 GMT
Comment 9SlimJim04-Apr-2003 13:11 GMT
Comment 10Darth_X04-Apr-2003 13:27 GMT
Comment 11Darth_X04-Apr-2003 13:30 GMT
Comment 12Hooligan/DCS04-Apr-2003 13:33 GMT
Comment 13catohagen04-Apr-2003 13:43 GMT
Comment 14Mike04-Apr-2003 13:52 GMT
Comment 15Darth_X04-Apr-2003 14:17 GMT
Comment 16Mickey Daily04-Apr-2003 14:30 GMT
Comment 17Doug E.04-Apr-2003 14:57 GMT
Comment 18Ole-Egil04-Apr-2003 15:01 GMT
Comment 19Stefan Blixth04-Apr-2003 15:12 GMT
Comment 20Bernd04-Apr-2003 15:13 GMT
Comment 21Christophe DecaniniRegistered user04-Apr-2003 15:37 GMT
Comment 22Fabio Alemagna04-Apr-2003 16:33 GMT
Comment 23Fabio Alemagna04-Apr-2003 16:34 GMT
Comment 24Troels Ersking04-Apr-2003 16:39 GMT
Comment 25MarkTime04-Apr-2003 16:56 GMT
Comment 26Ole-Egil04-Apr-2003 17:01 GMT
Comment 27Ole-Egil04-Apr-2003 17:03 GMT
Comment 28Christophe DecaniniRegistered user04-Apr-2003 17:34 GMT
Comment 29Alkis Tsapanidis04-Apr-2003 20:27 GMT
Comment 30Alkis Tsapanidis04-Apr-2003 20:29 GMT
Comment 31Terry04-Apr-2003 20:54 GMT
Comment 32Targhan04-Apr-2003 21:59 GMT
Comment 33MarkTime04-Apr-2003 22:40 GMT
Comment 34Senex05-Apr-2003 06:15 GMT
Comment 35Ole-Egil05-Apr-2003 07:01 GMT
Comment 36SlimJim05-Apr-2003 12:46 GMT
Comment 37Alkis Tsapanidis06-Apr-2003 17:02 GMT
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