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Posted on 23-Apr-2003 08:58 GMT by MrZammler70 comments
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There's a thread on slashdot, about Hyperion porting games to the Linux platform. http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/04/23/0018200&mode=nested&tid=127&tid=163
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Talk of Hyperion porting games to Linux on slashdot : Comment 4 of 70ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 23-Apr-2003 08:31 GMT
Some reviews from people who actually had the misfortune to buy this Yet Another Cruddy Old LithTech Game:

Mindnight Racing is a terrible game (Score:5, Interesting)
by recap (209790) on 2003.04.23 5:02 (#5786757)
While it's nice to see Linux and even my old favorite Amiga OS get some new software Midnight Racing is a terrible game.

I picked it up for the equivalent of about $2.50 US and felt thoroughly ripped off. While the screenshots look fine it plays like it was written by someone who's never been in a car much less driven one! On the bright side the DVD style case could be reused after throwing the game out.

I hope their other titles are better but given Autobahn racing looks like it uses the same game engine I don't hold out much hope.

Re:Mindnight Racing is a terrible game (Score:2, Funny)
by madmarcel (610409) on 2003.04.23 7:34 (#5787273)
I distinctly remember three things about this awful game:

1) It didn't matter which track you drove, they were all exactly alike. Lengths varied, but if you've seen the screenshots on the website...well...that's it. That's all you will see throughout the entire game. A highway at night. No change of scenery whatsoever.

2) You steal the cars you drive. This is shown by means of a black screen...with some strange clickety-click sounds coming from the speakers...right.

3) Whilst racing your monstrous beastly eh...not quite ferrari, not quite lamborghini car down the highway, with the engine roaring...you could hear birds singing in the trees and you could hear crickets in the grass along the highway...
(Well...I think that's were they were hiding.. - maybe they were driving the other cars ;^)

Hmmm...indeed a very bad game. Had some issues with the graphics as well IIRC, the lights on the cars that came towards you would change colour at random. Or all the lights would just dissappear.

Whatever. What AmigaOS and Linux needs to ensure commercial success is another top-list title from Inca Gold's impressive catalogue: "Do You Know Jesus?" :=)

"Do You Know Jesus is a fun and fast paced game that entertains as it educates. With over 1500 questions covering both the Old and New Testaments, your knowledge of the Word of God is tested in new and challenging ways. Play with your family and friends in a rapid fire game show mode, or just play alone to gauge your command of God's living word. Never has so much fun delivered so much Kingdom value."

Will Hyperion add a God Mode cheat?
#6 Bill Hoggett #14 Ben Hermans/Hyperion
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