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Posted on 24-Apr-2003 17:54 GMT by Carles "Doraemon" Bernardez7 comments
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The CatCon party of this year is approaching..
You can expect a good presentation of Pegasos/Mophos, some amiga enterprises will bring new products, a lot of demoscene and funny contests, etc. The party wil be the next weekend : 3rt and 4th of May in Calella, near to Barcelona (Spain).
The party will e free for foreigners, but please, confimate your asistence.
For more info:
CatCon Website
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CatCon Party News : Comment 1 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 24-Apr-2003 16:08 GMT

The three boards you ordered, 25 T-shirts and flyers are on the way...;-)

Adios Amig(o)s!

Con much gusto en conocierle!

#3 Crumb // AAT #4 corpse
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