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Posted on 26-Apr-2003 02:47 GMT by Budda (Edited on 2003-04-26 12:06:10 GMT by Christian Kemp)25 comments
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An email in my inbox was happy to announce the release of YAM 2.4. YAM 2.4 is now available for download at the YAMOS homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/yamos/ NEW FEATURES
  • Hierarchical folder list - folders can now be arranged into groups, and nested at the user's discretion
  • SMTP & POP3 TLS1/SSL3 support for stunnel servers, using AmiSSL.library
  • Email address cache, making it possible to "remember" the last N used recipients if they don't appear in the address book
  • More powerful recipient string gadgets, resolving aliases, real names and email addresses "on the fly" as they are found in the address book or the email cache
  • Optional pop-up menus in the folder & message lists
  • Automatic codepage detection and translation, specially meant for cyrillic users.
  • Reworked status bar
  • Automatically finds the suitable mailing list support settings
  • Extended support for mailto: links
  • Search function in the Write window
  • Customizable size format and localized unit display
  • Individual appicon stats for folders, with an user-definable label
  • New hidden option "JumpToIncoming"
  • Deleting a block of text with RAmiga-Del automatically inserts a "[...]" marker
  • Built-in mouse wheel support
  • New "marked" status
  • "application/pdf" is now in the built-in list of MIME types
  • Extended documentation
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