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[News] New Amiga CEOANN.lu
Posted on 26-Apr-2003 18:04 GMT by pixie254 comments
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Apparently, Bill & Raquel had recently confirmed on morphos-news.de that they had spoke with the new Amiga CEO Gary Hare. I've recently seen on morphos-news.de where Bill and Raquel had confirmed that they have spoken with Amiga Inc's new CEO Gary Hare, anyone would please confirm this...
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New Amiga CEO : Comment 97 of 254ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 27-Apr-2003 08:42 GMT
In reply to Comment 77 (catohagen):
@all interested

In mid-March Gary Hare attended a CTIA Conference (Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association) and met with an old friend and business associate of ours, David Traub. For example, David introduced me to the President of Capital Records in 1992 to negotiate the first interactive music video we did at ICTV. We used a Peter Gabriel song. David has also known Gary for many years as well. Gary is former head of Fathom Pictures, a former Philips producer, and a pioneer in the interactive world. At the Conference Gary used business cards that clearly indicate that Gary Hare is Chairman and CEO of Amiga Inc. He has been active in the Valley for a couple of months now with this moniker. For us, that is "old news." Simple.

We are very interested in supporting Gary and the new Amiga Inc. This would include financial support. The potential for collaboration is *significant.*

The whole AmigaDE lawsuit was just a means to shut Bill McEwen up and force Amiga Inc. into a settlement that might include us obtaining the rights to the Amiga trademarks and the classic OS. Amiga Inc. had no reason to spread all the FUD they did officially about MorphOS, particularly after we tried so hard to help them in 2000 and 2001. McEwen's 1 September "we will shut you down" threat was just more talk and on about the same level as the coupon scam. We could not allow him to continue to do this and took action. It worked. He is gone.

Back to the lawsuit...the worst case for us would be enforcing our license agreement that would require Amiga Inc. to integrate DE for use in some way with the Pegasos which would then allow us to use the trademarks (as there are some that would prefer to call the Pegasos an Amiga). Again, no big deal...users/customers can/should have the choice to call their computer whatever they want and do whatever they want with it....;-)

As has been seen here and on other sites, we are interested in supporting as many operating systems as we can. We just provided a free board to the AROS team. We are even in discussions to set up a PayPal account to help AROS fund the development. There are many talented people involved in that project. We are very pleased to have the beginnings of a relationship with them.

If we do obtain the rights to the classic AmigaOS one way or the other we will even work with the OS4 development team. We always have said that some kind of collaboration would be better for all concerned!

Patience is a virtue, but the name of the game is perseverance...this is key to all success in life and business.

Happy Sunday!

Raquel and Bill
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