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[News] Webb.it: showing Amiga One and Amiga OS 4 beta (68k)ANN.lu
Posted on 09-May-2003 14:57 GMT by Nicola Morocutti57 comments
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Virtual Works, Soft 3 and Bitplane magazine are demoing Amiga One and Amiga OS 4 beta (68k) at the Webb.it show in Padua (Italy) An Amiga One XE G3 800Mhz with Debian Linux PPC and an Amiga 4000 with Os 4.0 beta are present and running at the booth of Virtual Works, Soft 3 and Bitplane. Also an ipaq with Amiga Anywhere is present and the last issue of Bitplane magazine is available. Attenders seems very interested about the Amiga One and the OS 4. Tomorrow Elena Novaretti will show her own Pegasos running MorphOS. We will release more info about the show progress (it will last until sunday) tomorrow.
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Comment 1Nicola Morocutti09-May-2003 12:59 GMT
Comment 2pixie09-May-2003 13:02 GMT
Comment 3takemehomegrandmaRegistered user09-May-2003 13:03 GMT
Comment 4pixie09-May-2003 13:05 GMT
Comment 5Peter Gordon09-May-2003 13:06 GMT
Comment 6Elektro09-May-2003 13:06 GMT
Comment 7pixie09-May-2003 13:14 GMT
Comment 8elektroRegistered user09-May-2003 13:17 GMT
Comment 9MrZammler09-May-2003 13:19 GMT
Comment 10Lando09-May-2003 13:20 GMT
Comment 11Ole-Egil09-May-2003 13:20 GMT
Comment 12pixie09-May-2003 13:22 GMT
Comment 13JoannaK09-May-2003 13:22 GMT
Comment 14Gregg09-May-2003 13:22 GMT
Comment 15Gregg09-May-2003 13:24 GMT
Comment 16pixie09-May-2003 13:27 GMT
Comment 17Anonymous09-May-2003 13:28 GMT
Comment 18pixie09-May-2003 13:28 GMT
Comment 19Anonymous09-May-2003 13:33 GMT
Comment 20pixie09-May-2003 13:34 GMT
Comment 21pixie09-May-2003 13:42 GMT
Comment 22Kolbjørn Barmen09-May-2003 14:10 GMT
Comment 23Argh09-May-2003 14:13 GMT
Comment 24Anonymous09-May-2003 14:23 GMT
Comment 25Anonymous09-May-2003 14:24 GMT
Comment 26Ben Hermans/HyperionRegistered user09-May-2003 14:27 GMT
Comment 27Kjetil09-May-2003 14:48 GMT
Comment 28Kolbjørn Barmen09-May-2003 14:52 GMT
Comment 29Christoph Gutjahr09-May-2003 15:33 GMT
Comment 30MIKE09-May-2003 15:36 GMT
Comment 31MIKE09-May-2003 15:39 GMT
Comment 32Mickael cromer09-May-2003 15:44 GMT
Comment 33Emeric SH09-May-2003 15:52 GMT
Comment 34Anonymous09-May-2003 16:00 GMT
Comment 35MarkTime09-May-2003 16:32 GMT
Comment 36Nate Downes09-May-2003 17:05 GMT
Comment 37Jerry GibbonsRegistered user09-May-2003 17:07 GMT
Comment 38Richi09-May-2003 18:06 GMT
Comment 39Sigbjørn Skjæret09-May-2003 18:33 GMT
Comment 40Kolbjørn Barmen09-May-2003 18:43 GMT
Comment 41Troels ErskingRegistered user09-May-2003 19:10 GMT
Comment 42Anonymous09-May-2003 19:47 GMT
Comment 43Fab109-May-2003 20:31 GMT
Comment 44T_Bone09-May-2003 23:45 GMT
Comment 45T_Bone09-May-2003 23:50 GMT
Comment 46Turrican10-May-2003 05:55 GMT
Comment 47catohagen10-May-2003 06:07 GMT
Comment 48Anonymous10-May-2003 06:43 GMT
Comment 49Richi10-May-2003 07:09 GMT
Comment 50Hans-Jörg FriedenRegistered user10-May-2003 08:12 GMT
Comment 51Ketzer10-May-2003 10:03 GMT
Comment 52zetaeffe10-May-2003 21:19 GMT
Comment 53Framiga11-May-2003 07:12 GMT
Comment 54Anonymous11-May-2003 20:01 GMT
Comment 55T Morris13-May-2003 02:10 GMT
Comment 56magnetic13-May-2003 02:12 GMT
Comment 57Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user13-May-2003 13:58 GMT
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