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[News] Webb.it: crowd!!!ANN.lu
Posted on 10-May-2003 16:17 GMT by Lecta17 comments
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At this very moment our stand is the most crowded one! More than Altavista, Adobe, Macromedia an M$ all together! :-) Seriously!!! Many non amigans and ex-amigans are astonished by our presence! They were very interested about the upcoming AmigaOS4, but also for AmigaDE demoed on an IPaq. Also the Pegasos is attracting a good number of attenders! This show is a complete success for us and the Amiga community. Our webcam is again online (unless the WebbIT/ISP servers do not jam anymore) at this address: http://www.istage.org/public/webbit.html Stefano Guidetti Bitlane magazine
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