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[News] First pictures from webb.itANN.lu
Posted on 11-May-2003 15:05 GMT by webb.it2 comments
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Following this link you can find a lot of pictures taken from Webb.it show in Padua/Padova (Italy) You can see the Virtual Works, Soft 3 and Bitplane booth crowded by dozen of people interested about OS 4, Amiga One, Amiga Anywhere and Pegasos/MorphOS... http://lnx.istage.org/webbit/webbitgallery.php
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Comment 1takemehomegrandmaRegistered user11-May-2003 14:51 GMT
First pictures from webb.it : Comment 2 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by Jope on 12-May-2003 08:03 GMT
Snif, OS4 screenshots, yet still on a Classic box.

I'd still love some regular progress info.. ;-)
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