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[News] Webb.it report with photos online at QuantumLeap site.ANN.lu
Posted on 11-May-2003 15:57 GMT by Francesco Z. / zetaeffe31 comments
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A short report from Webb.it with pics of AmigaOne and OS4 demo has been put online at the QuantumLeap site: http://ql.programmazione.it Click on the Italian flag: the article is in both Italian and English (English text in yellow). Happy reading ;-)
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Comment 25DaveP13-May-2003 10:14 GMT
Webb.it report with photos online at QuantumLeap site. : Comment 26 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Christophe Decanini on 13-May-2003 11:37 GMT
In reply to Comment 25 (DaveP):
It is definitly my intention.
At the least I would like to buy OS4 to test it on my A4000/cyberstorm
If it is good I may get an AmigaOne if:
- I need to get more CPU power for new apps /games
- I can get my 100$ back from AmigaInc
- my wife accepts that I buy a third computer for myself ;) (I already have the 4000 and a Pegasos).

I have been waiting for OS4 for years. When Fleecy attended at the first WOA in Cologne I was the guy telling him publicaly that we needed OS4 PPC ASAP while he was saying "only if we have 50.000 sales of OS3.9".

I think that they never got to this point and definitely lost some precious time before going for it :(
I was also for a joint MorphOS/Hyperion/Amigainc effort but it failed to materialize.
Now I give equal chances to both systems as it give us more opportunities.
I would definitely like to run OS4 and MorphOS on the same HW (would it be a Pegasos or AmigaOne).
My only complain about OS4 so far is that it has been announced to be release too early and I suspect it was just by fear to loose people on the MorphOS side.
I don't think these people are "lost" for the community as they contribute to feed the developers who have plans for both MorphOS and OS4, the dealers etc.

To give you an example since I got my Pegasos I bought a good number of applications from a developper that will do both MorphOS and OS4. It was the first time I was buying so much software again since a long time.

I hope you get a clearer picture of me and my intention as it looks that people tend to put you in a camp or another very quickly.

I have no agenda to have any effort fail, my agenda is that both win. That will be only possible if they get new people.
#27 DaveP
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