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[News] Webb.it report with photos online at QuantumLeap site.ANN.lu
Posted on 11-May-2003 15:57 GMT by Francesco Z. / zetaeffe31 comments
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A short report from Webb.it with pics of AmigaOne and OS4 demo has been put online at the QuantumLeap site: http://ql.programmazione.it Click on the Italian flag: the article is in both Italian and English (English text in yellow). Happy reading ;-)
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Comment 1Lasse BodilsenRegistered user11-May-2003 15:57 GMT
Comment 2Don CoxRegistered user11-May-2003 16:03 GMT
Comment 3Anonymous11-May-2003 16:06 GMT
Comment 4Anonymous11-May-2003 16:13 GMT
Comment 5Lasse BodilsenRegistered user11-May-2003 19:27 GMT
Comment 6Troels ErskingRegistered user11-May-2003 19:32 GMT
Comment 7zetaeffe11-May-2003 19:32 GMT
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Comment 17Ben Hermans/HyperionRegistered user12-May-2003 16:42 GMT
Comment 18Christophe DecaniniRegistered user12-May-2003 17:29 GMT
Comment 19James Carroll13-May-2003 00:00 GMT
Comment 20James Carroll13-May-2003 00:02 GMT
Comment 21Elwood13-May-2003 06:35 GMT
Comment 22Elwood13-May-2003 06:36 GMT
Comment 23Elwood13-May-2003 06:37 GMT
Comment 24Christophe DecaniniRegistered user13-May-2003 10:07 GMT
Comment 25DaveP13-May-2003 10:14 GMT
Comment 26Christophe DecaniniRegistered user13-May-2003 11:37 GMT
Comment 27DaveP13-May-2003 11:38 GMT
Webb.it report with photos online at QuantumLeap site. : Comment 28 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Christophe Decanini on 13-May-2003 12:33 GMT
In reply to Comment 27 (DaveP):
Well, with your question I took the opportunity to enlight people who say that I have an agenda or that ANN as been bought by Genesi or that I was bribbed etc..

I'm aggravated by the people reactions on these forums and I put a part of responsability on the people in charge who did not act soon enough or did not take care of the comunity (shows, developers, resellers etc), did not try enough to have third parties cooperate, the people who announced too early the OS release.
It killed the classic to early, the transition was noexistant and a lot of people left.
Some people think that Genesi are "stealing" developers and users while I think that Genesi has put a substential effort that keep people leaving this community. The evidence is that these users are still on all Amiga sites (with a few exception) and that they still participate in the community.
Without Genesi they would certainly have been gone to other platforms.

I hope to see the same kind of support coming from AmigaINC once OS4 is out but I sincerely doubt it when you look at their track record.
Hopefully the users will be less frustrated and may get the attention of some previous Amiga owners.

To be back to your question: no, the fact that I have some heated exchanges with Hyperion about that will not affect my decision to buy their product, help their promotion or my moderation here. I had such exchanges with BBRV in the past and I'm a glad Pegasos user today.
I think that boycoting a company depending on 1 person comment from this company makes no sense. What is important is what the company as a whole produced and if as a consumer I can benefit from it it is welcome. If I can make other users enjoy it it is even better. We tend to forget that the "enemy" is a Microsoft dominated market with no alternative for the users that do not want a single solution for their need.
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Comment 29Christophe DecaniniRegistered user13-May-2003 12:41 GMT
Comment 30Ben Hermans/HyperionRegistered user13-May-2003 14:54 GMT
Comment 31Don CoxRegistered user13-May-2003 16:44 GMT
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