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[News] Webb.it report with photos online at QuantumLeap site.ANN.lu
Posted on 11-May-2003 15:57 GMT by Francesco Z. / zetaeffe31 comments
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A short report from Webb.it with pics of AmigaOne and OS4 demo has been put online at the QuantumLeap site: http://ql.programmazione.it Click on the Italian flag: the article is in both Italian and English (English text in yellow). Happy reading ;-)
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Comment 1Lasse BodilsenRegistered user11-May-2003 15:57 GMT
Comment 2Don CoxRegistered user11-May-2003 16:03 GMT
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Comment 4Anonymous11-May-2003 16:13 GMT
Webb.it report with photos online at QuantumLeap site. : Comment 5 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Lasse Bodilsen on 11-May-2003 19:27 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Don Cox):
"I think it would be easier to read, and therefore faster to use, if it was not translucent. Any reduction in contrast makes text harder to read (unless you are severely dyslexic).

Fortunately it is only an option - I hope it will not be the default."

Well, it's not only the translucent look, but the overall look of all the effects compined that makes great Eyecandy :-)

Notice the Indented look of the "Workbench" Tab for the menu, the extruded look of the selected item, The rounded corners, The black outline border, The Alpha blended dropshadow, The textured and still transulcent backdrop. It all combined makes it look really Nice!

Btw: did anyone else notice the drawer called 'Kickstart' in the bottom of the picture.

And i have a question for Hyperion to answer: Is the icons still limited to 256 colors?, or can we do 15,16 and 24bit icons as well?. If not, please make it so for OS4.2 :-)

(Yes, I simply Love eyecandy, it makes me wanna use the desktop. I know others might prefer funcionality to looks, but thats not me :-) )
#6 Troels Ersking
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