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[Web] Amiga Arena Interview with Elena Novaretti (ZoneXplorer)ANN.lu
Posted on 16-May-2003 18:06 GMT by Amiga Arena (Edited on 2003-05-17 13:35:20 GMT by Christian Kemp)13 comments
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For some weeks ago the developer "Elena Novaretti" released "ZoneXplorer", a impressing,powerful and handy fractal creation and exploration tool for AmigaOS (68k) and MorphOS (PPC). It is one of this singular tools that shows, what is today possible with our Amiga. So i spoke to Elena,how came a female developer to the Amiga and of course bout her tool "ZoneXplorer". Read this very interesting interview and how a developer like Elena see the future and the difference between AmigaOS and MorphOS.

Amiga Arena - Interview with Elena Novaretti (ZoneXplorer)
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