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[Files] Vim 6.2 - The Amiga memorial editionANN.lu
Posted on 02-Jun-2003 14:56 GMT by Hagge13 comments
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I talked about vim in the AROS thread and free software.. And now it seems like 6.2 is out!!
VIM is _THE_ editor, it totally rocks, and development started on Amiga! Get the Amiga version here. Also show your support for this excellent product, help poor people in Uganda. One way to do this is to buy the book Vi IMproved - Vim. VIM is also available for unix, linux, m$ os, and others.
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Vim 6.2 - The Amiga memorial edition : Comment 9 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Gabriele Greco on 03-Jun-2003 05:53 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Peter Gordon):
VIM is one of the best editors around. Expecially the graphical version, gvim, has EVERY feature a modern programmer's editor needs:

- syntax highlight (in more than 100 languages)
- folding
- diffs
- keyword completion
- indenting
- compiler integration
- unlimited undo
- macro recording
- powerful scripting
- multiview

And this runs also on a termial.

This may not be useful to the hobbyist, but it's very important for a PRO. In our company we mostly use VIM as editor, and we write a LOT of code :)

Sadly the Amiga port is a bit behind, since the graphical version is not supported and also the text version chokes a bit with the non standard amiga shell.

#10 Peter Gordon
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