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[Web] Back to the Roots 5th Anniversary, giveaway & Online-Mod-Radio!ANN.lu
Posted on 05-Jul-2003 08:40 GMT by BTTR-Team8 comments
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Back to the Roots celebrates its 5th birthday with many new downloads, a giveaway where you can win some prices and a world premiere: An "Interactive Online Mod Radio". Hello,

"Back to the Roots" celebrates its 5th Anniversary and starts a giveaway with many prices!

Our project exists for five years now. This is truely a reason to start a celebration. Besides new gaming highlights like Battle Squadron, Hybris, Arkanoid or The Plague you can get brand new Amiga software exclusively from us. The games "Plix" and "Symbolrechnen" have never been released before, as well as the "Populous Editor"!

Furthermore we held a giveaway. You can win some great prices! Check out our full news on http://www.back2roots.org for details.

Our Mod-Radio is a world new service allowing you to play fully interactive online radio! This is a totally new aproach to play mod music online, this is not streaming radio but real Mod-Radio!

We offer access to more than 65.000 mods for a growing amount of players and platforms through currently 54 radio channels! Currently supported are WinAmp and Deliplayer 2.

Advantages of Mod-Radio over Streaming Radio...
- works with ANY modem speed or connection bandwidth.
- preseves your bandwidth for downloads.
- preserves server load for spreading files and data.
- mods are always played to the end, no gaps in the middle when your connection gets bad.
- totally interactive. browse within titles in realtime, skip titles, choose songs, change channels.
- unlimited amount of channels on a server, no relais required.

We'd like to thank you for your loyalty and support during the last five years and wish all visitors a lot of fun.

Happy listening!


Back to the Roots Team



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