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[Files] Duke Nukem 3D for MorphOS, Amiga 68KANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jul-2003 10:22 GMT by Anonymous Howard49 comments
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The controversial classic 3D shooter appears for MorphOS and Amiga 68K 3.9. This game has excellent play value but is known for violence (monsters explode realistically with lots of blood) and sexual elements (city block includes porno bookstore, later scenes include partially nude women encapsulated in alien slime). 3D Duke. I recall running this game on a Pentium 75, so maybe it will run on a 68060 but I don't think you'll get great performance. On MorphOS it should be fine. However BBRV of Genesi has expressed disapproval of games of questionable morality, IIRC. I think they raised objections to Payback.
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