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Posted on 26-Jul-2003 23:35 GMT by Joël EHRET38 comments
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Every thing is there http://falcon1.free.fr/hermans.mp3 Warning : 22MB file Have fun
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AmiWest Ben hermans Interview in download : Comment 18 of 38ANN.lu
Posted by Kjetil on 27-Jul-2003 13:16 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (Bernie Meyer):
When you ask the same questions, and a year has gone by, you'd hope for significantly different answers. I am not sure, but I think AmiWest 2000 was the only AmiWest that did *not* feature talk about a "soon to be released, before the end of the year for sure" OS4

The first presentation of AmigaONE presented it as a new hardware accelerator where they can slowly move things form 68k hardware depend stuff to PPC environment with out the hardware dependencies so you basically head one AmigaOne design for Amiga4000 and one for Amiga1200, the plan where to deliver AmigaDe first in 2000, the finish AmigaOS4.0 in 2001/2002 before 24 December 2001, this where mostly plans there where some PCB designs presented, the cards never materialized and so AmigaOS4.0 where dependent of this designs, there where pointed out that original designs where to be developed by plan I DCE’s manufacturing facilities by some MorphOS dude some one or tow mounts in this form.

As well as CSPPC and BPPC would be out by Christmas. In 2003, it's still Hyperion's OS4, even though the BPPC version is now in doubt.

I must correct you on some issues Ben replay is always “when it’s ready”, and I continues and says he be disappointed if they where not able to relies AmigaOS4.0 for CyberStorm PPC before end of the year. This changes in dismember when Hypersion where forced to take on the firmware development for AmigaOne, the AmigaOne firmware needed to support the via686b when earlier there it only supported via686a, the i686 emulator that where never planed where added as well, then they needed money to found the development as released a game, Hypersion has head to self finesse them self, as AmigaInc has head no money to give, the AmigaDe where no success.
#25 Bernie Meyer
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