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Posted on 26-Jul-2003 23:35 GMT by Joël EHRET38 comments
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Every thing is there http://falcon1.free.fr/hermans.mp3 Warning : 22MB file Have fun
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AmiWest Ben hermans Interview in download : Comment 35 of 38ANN.lu
Posted by Bernie Meyer on 28-Jul-2003 10:06 GMT
In reply to Comment 34 (z5):
Actually, I haven't changed my "agenda" at all. I have been rather critical of (and to no small amount annoyed at) Hyperion for a long long time. Starting roughly when they felt the need to let everyone who wanted to listen (and everyone who wouldn't run away fast enough) know exactly how they felt about the idea of running AmigaOS on x86 --- I, pardon the strong language, considered their arguments to be completely idiotic and patronizing.
Then, after WOA 2001, for many months I had to listen to "soon, OS4 will be out, and emulator users will be left in the dust! Muaahhahahahaaa!!!!" from people who actually believed Hyperions ridiculous release date estimates.
Then there was the whole software-renderer-for-Warp3D thing, where Hyperion made some rather outrageous (and, again, idiotic) piracy claims to justify letting it be released for PPC, but not for 68k or x86 (both of which exist and were ready to be released as well).

Now, let me state once again that I have no problem accepting that Hyperion are a commercial entity, that their decisions are driven by commercial interests, and that they will sometimes behave in less-than-perfect ways to improve their bottom line. That's business. However, I'd expect Hyperion to simply admit to that. I know they can do it in private email (the software-renderer thing ended up in that medium), but in public, they still try to come across as benevolent victims of circumstance, if not as grossly misunderstood martyrs....

I have a lot of respect for the programmers at Hyperion. Good progranners are exceedingly rare, and Hyperion has managed to employ several. That respect is what has made me bite my tongue again and again and again over the last few years, at least in public (if you were to ask some local people what I thought about Hyperion's announcements, you might find that in the relative privacy of user group meetings, I was less restrained). But at some point, it just gets too ridiculous. They have used up their credibility bonus; A few of the comments in the interview have not endeared Ben to me at all, either. So I speak up. No change of opinion, I just have stopped keeping that opinion to myself.

Please note that the above contained neither of the words "pegasos", "morphos", "bill" or "buck". That's because my opinion of Hyperion has nothing to do with what I think of Genesi, AI, H&P or Microsoft, to name just a few. My opinion of Hyperion is based on past performance by Hyperion; And it would skyrocket if they just came out and said "well, guys, we lied to you back then, and we lied to you yesterday, because we needed to keep you from deserting the AmigaOns/OS4 camp. Our honest estimate at this point in time is that we will have something on the shelves, ready to buy, by date X". Not bloody likely, is it?
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