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[News] bplan on NBC Giga TV to show Pegasos and MorphOSANN.lu
Posted on 06-Aug-2003 18:39 GMT by Martin "Senex" Heine35 comments
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bplan GmbH would like to inform you about the upcoming event taking place on the 7th of August at 9.00 pm (GMT+1; 21.00 CEST) on NBC GIGA. NBC GIGA THE FUTURE IS YOU!

You can receive NBC Europe almost everywhere in Germany by cable. NBC Europe is transmitted via the Eutelsat Hotbird 5 network as well. The digital signal can be picked up by a digital receiver (DVB-S).

Orbital position: 13 degrees East (Eutelsat)
Frequency: 11,054 GHz
Polarisation: horizontal
Broadcast norm: MPEG-2/DVB
Symbolrate: 27500
Coderate: 5/6

We will explain our products Pegasos & MorphOS in detail and answer your questions in the live chat at 9.45 pm afterwards.
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bplan on NBC Giga TV to show Pegasos and MorphOS : Comment 23 of 35ANN.lu
Posted by onurturgay on 07-Aug-2003 20:24 GMT
I watched show in Turkey from cable. it was exciting. in first part they told they were great amiga fans and in community since years.

in second part they showed capabilities of open firmware

in third part they boot up morphos (in 5-6 seconds) and run some applications (mui config, mplayer). they changed skins. it was running smooooth as heaven I loved it. It is my first time to see a runnign morphos BTW. I wish to see pegasos-morphos come to ce-bit eurasia in IStanbul in september. Maybe not this year but next year? bbrv?

in fourth part they showed suse, and macosx which I didnt care a lot. they talked about pegasos2 and new features etc.

this show was good, I wished there was more of morphos. please think of better presentations bbrv.
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