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[Web] Another Pegasos review!ANN.lu
Posted on 09-Aug-2003 19:40 GMT by Lukas Stehlik13 comments
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Today Amiga Klub Forever (known as AKF) has realesed new Pegasos PPC G3 & MorphOS 1.3 review.
It's only in czech, sorry, it's good for Eastern Europe inhabitans.
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Comment 1bbrvRegistered user10-Aug-2003 12:56 GMT
Comment 2Darrin10-Aug-2003 14:06 GMT
Comment 3Kjetil10-Aug-2003 15:45 GMT
Comment 4Lukas Stehlik10-Aug-2003 16:38 GMT
Comment 5Lukas Stehlik10-Aug-2003 16:49 GMT
Comment 6Lukas Stehlik10-Aug-2003 16:55 GMT
Comment 7Anonymous10-Aug-2003 17:05 GMT
Comment 8Kjetil10-Aug-2003 20:38 GMT
Comment 9Kolbjørn Barmen11-Aug-2003 03:11 GMT
Comment 10MarK11-Aug-2003 07:14 GMT
Comment 11Lukas Stehlik11-Aug-2003 08:48 GMT
Comment 12Olegil11-Aug-2003 09:32 GMT
Comment 13Grzegorz "Fei" Juraszek12-Aug-2003 04:59 GMT
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