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Posted on 27-Aug-2003 22:46 GMT by Adam Waldenberg33 comments
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I just uploaded a new version of CyberLemmings to my homepage. This version includes a 68K and MorphOS binary, just as before. The biggest new features include sound and lemmings that push windows around. * Updated everything in the guide, and added some new stuff. Now, there is also a description on how sound support in CyberLemmings works.
* Added support for a pusher "feature", also added a PUSHER tooltype that can be set in order to activate this.
* Fix for offscreen-windows in MorphOS added, so windows can't be pushed of screen by the lemmings. (Would have been annoying ;))
* Fixed a nasty bug where characters sometimes could keep on walking after teleporting to a window.
* Found a bug that could cause random enforcer hits in the teleport function.
* Added Qweek gfxmap made by Nowee to the archive.
* Characters now also teleport to the same window that they stand on.
* GFXDIR now set to "PROGDIR:GfxMaps/" by default.
* There was a small bug in the new stairwalk routine, fixed.
* The background fetching of the new gfx-routines added in 1.0 could sometimes give heavy background corruption, especially if solid windowmoving was used. Changed back to the old background fetching now, thus loosing some speed in the cgfx routines.
* Added sound support! Both the Lemmings and Worms2 gfx-set have included samples. Sound support can be enabled by setting the SOUND argument/tooltype. (AHI)
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