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Posted on 12-Sep-2003 18:55 GMT by Leo44 comments
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MPlayer 0.90.2 MOS released.
Changes since 0.90:

.ADDED: Drag&Drop (only one file at once supported)
.ADDED: Screenshot: press the s key to save a png screenshot (won't work in overlay: you'll get a nice purple pic ;))
.FIXED: Previous window size restored when switching back to window mode
.CHANGED: ESC key will now switch to window mode if in FS mode (exits otherwise)

Go to http://nogfx.free.fr/morphos to download it.
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Comment 2Ben Yoris12-Sep-2003 17:32 GMT
Comment 3hooligan/dcsRegistered user12-Sep-2003 17:34 GMT
Comment 4Stephane Desrosiers12-Sep-2003 17:36 GMT
Comment 5Stephane Desrosiers12-Sep-2003 17:37 GMT
Comment 6ThePlayer12-Sep-2003 18:24 GMT
Comment 7GMKai12-Sep-2003 18:46 GMT
Comment 8ThePlayer12-Sep-2003 19:25 GMT
Comment 9Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user12-Sep-2003 19:49 GMT
Comment 10Christophe DecaniniRegistered user12-Sep-2003 23:44 GMT
Comment 11James Carroll13-Sep-2003 00:09 GMT
Comment 12Rafo13-Sep-2003 00:24 GMT
Comment 13Sigbjørn Skjæret13-Sep-2003 00:39 GMT
Comment 14magnetic13-Sep-2003 02:02 GMT
Comment 15Stephane Desrosiers13-Sep-2003 02:46 GMT
Comment 16Stephane Desrosiers13-Sep-2003 02:59 GMT
Comment 17magnetic13-Sep-2003 03:31 GMT
Comment 18DET nicolas13-Sep-2003 06:46 GMT
Comment 19Leo13-Sep-2003 08:46 GMT
Comment 20tokai13-Sep-2003 08:51 GMT
Comment 21DET Nicolas13-Sep-2003 08:52 GMT
Comment 22Leo13-Sep-2003 08:52 GMT
Comment 23DET Nicolas13-Sep-2003 08:56 GMT
Comment 24Gelb13-Sep-2003 11:12 GMT
Comment 25catohagen13-Sep-2003 11:36 GMT
Comment 26ToDi13-Sep-2003 11:39 GMT
Comment 27Bill Hoggett13-Sep-2003 13:28 GMT
Comment 28DET Nicolas13-Sep-2003 13:37 GMT
Comment 29catohagen13-Sep-2003 13:50 GMT
Comment 30catohagen13-Sep-2003 13:59 GMT
Comment 31Gelb13-Sep-2003 14:12 GMT
Comment 32DET Nicolas13-Sep-2003 14:25 GMT
Comment 33Bill Hoggett13-Sep-2003 15:20 GMT
Comment 34Leo13-Sep-2003 16:58 GMT
Comment 35Leo13-Sep-2003 17:21 GMT
Comment 36DET Nicolas13-Sep-2003 20:56 GMT
Comment 37timofonic13-Sep-2003 22:17 GMT
Comment 38hooligan/dcsRegistered user14-Sep-2003 06:44 GMT
Comment 39ThePlayer14-Sep-2003 08:44 GMT
Comment 40Anonymous14-Sep-2003 10:06 GMT
Comment 41catohagen14-Sep-2003 10:06 GMT
Comment 42Anonymous14-Sep-2003 17:12 GMT
Comment 43Leo14-Sep-2003 21:01 GMT
Comment 44Lukas Stehlik16-Sep-2003 14:00 GMT
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