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[News] Pegasos/MorphOS coverage in DatormagazinANN.lu
Posted on 20-Sep-2003 00:22 GMT by takemehomegrandma2 comments
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Today I got the latest issue (2003-10) of the Swedish computer magazine "Datormagazin". I was very surprized to see that it featured a two page article about the Pegasos and MorphOS!

Datormagazin is a major computer mag that targets the more advanced and creative computer users in Sweden (Scandinavia?). Besides tests and general coverage of news in the computer industry, it features all kinds of workshops, like web development, Image manipulation, etc. It also features two separate "mini magazines" inside, one covering Linux and one covering Networking.

The Pegasos/MorphOS article described the background of the system and the philosophies behind the system design. Both the Pegasos hardware and the MorphOS (1.3) operating system was covered briefly, and some screenshots were included. The journalist also wrote some personal reflections about the system (which he had used for several weeks), which all in all were quite positive and fair.

From the URL's in the article it seems like GGS Data is the one to blame for sending the machine to Datormagazin!

More info: http://www.datormagazin.se (note that they still have the previous issue on the website, not the latest one).

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