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[News] AmigaOS 4 running on AmigaOne at Pianeta Amiga 2003ANN.lu
Posted on 20-Sep-2003 09:45 GMT by Mike Bouma76 comments
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At AmigaWorld.net the following announcement was made: "AmigaOS 4 running on AmigaOne to be demoed at the Pianeta Amiga 2003 show in Italy this weekend."
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Comment 1catohagen20-Sep-2003 07:53 GMT
Comment 2Don CoxRegistered user20-Sep-2003 07:58 GMT
Comment 3Anonymous20-Sep-2003 08:06 GMT
Comment 4Hans-Joerg Frieden20-Sep-2003 08:07 GMT
Comment 5catohagen20-Sep-2003 08:09 GMT
Comment 6Ben Hermans/HyperionRegistered user20-Sep-2003 08:10 GMT
Comment 7z520-Sep-2003 08:11 GMT
Comment 8miksuh20-Sep-2003 08:18 GMT
Comment 9Peter Gordon20-Sep-2003 08:18 GMT
Comment 10catohagen20-Sep-2003 08:24 GMT
Comment 11Seehund20-Sep-2003 08:37 GMT
Comment 12Glames20-Sep-2003 08:37 GMT
Comment 13JoannaK20-Sep-2003 08:41 GMT
Comment 14Don CoxRegistered user20-Sep-2003 08:43 GMT
Comment 15AROS20-Sep-2003 08:45 GMT
Comment 16Anonymous20-Sep-2003 08:50 GMT
Comment 17JoannaK20-Sep-2003 09:01 GMT
Comment 18Emil 'opi' Oppeln Bronikowski20-Sep-2003 09:21 GMT
Comment 19Seer20-Sep-2003 09:30 GMT
Comment 20Hans-Joerg Frieden20-Sep-2003 09:44 GMT
Comment 21Matt Parsons20-Sep-2003 10:25 GMT
Comment 22Graham_nli20-Sep-2003 10:31 GMT
Comment 23Hans-Joerg Frieden20-Sep-2003 10:42 GMT
Comment 24Anonymous20-Sep-2003 10:52 GMT
Comment 25Matt Parsons20-Sep-2003 10:56 GMT
Comment 26pega-120-Sep-2003 11:30 GMT
AmigaOS 4 running on AmigaOne at Pianeta Amiga 2003 : Comment 27 of 76ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 20-Sep-2003 12:08 GMT
In reply to Comment 26 (pega-1):
"There's probably still a long walk down the road to get into a final state imho and I pretty much know what I'm talking about."

Everyone knows there is plenty still to do, and an OS is never in a final state (unless development stops). The reason to celebrate is that this is a major landmark for the AmigaOne. It is at the least the end of the beginning. It is a big accomplishment for a small team on a tiny budget. (Yes, so is MorphOS.)

Assertions that you "know what you are talking about" are groundless when you post pseudonymously and do not publish your track record.
#29 tokai
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Comment 28Eva20-Sep-2003 12:13 GMT
Comment 29tokai20-Sep-2003 12:17 GMT
Comment 30Don CoxRegistered user20-Sep-2003 12:29 GMT
Comment 31catohagen20-Sep-2003 12:29 GMT
Comment 32catohagen20-Sep-2003 12:31 GMT
Comment 33DET Nicolas20-Sep-2003 12:42 GMT
Comment 34Anonymous20-Sep-2003 12:52 GMT
Comment 35J.T.20-Sep-2003 12:55 GMT
Comment 36Anonymous20-Sep-2003 13:00 GMT
Comment 37miksuh20-Sep-2003 13:00 GMT
Comment 38Georg Steger20-Sep-2003 13:03 GMT
Comment 39miksuh20-Sep-2003 13:05 GMT
Comment 40Georg Steger20-Sep-2003 13:09 GMT
Comment 41Eva20-Sep-2003 13:21 GMT
Comment 42Glames20-Sep-2003 13:37 GMT
Comment 43Elwood20-Sep-2003 13:44 GMT
Comment 44Hans-Joerg Frieden20-Sep-2003 13:50 GMT
Comment 45Anonymous20-Sep-2003 13:51 GMT
Comment 46Hans-Joerg Frieden20-Sep-2003 13:57 GMT
Comment 47Amon_ReRegistered user20-Sep-2003 14:04 GMT
Comment 48Anonymous20-Sep-2003 14:15 GMT
Comment 49tokai20-Sep-2003 14:15 GMT
Comment 50Hans-Joerg Frieden20-Sep-2003 14:43 GMT
Comment 51Ben Hermans/HyperionRegistered user20-Sep-2003 14:54 GMT
Comment 52Anonymous20-Sep-2003 15:17 GMT
Comment 53amighista20-Sep-2003 15:40 GMT
Comment 54amighista20-Sep-2003 15:41 GMT
Comment 55amighista20-Sep-2003 15:44 GMT
Comment 56Georg Steger20-Sep-2003 16:34 GMT
Comment 57Georg Steger20-Sep-2003 16:40 GMT
Comment 58AG220-Sep-2003 17:16 GMT
Comment 59Tryo20-Sep-2003 17:23 GMT
Comment 60Hans-Joerg Frieden20-Sep-2003 17:25 GMT
Comment 61amighista20-Sep-2003 17:25 GMT
Comment 62Don CoxRegistered user20-Sep-2003 17:52 GMT
Comment 63- GALAXY -20-Sep-2003 18:01 GMT
Comment 64AG220-Sep-2003 18:19 GMT
Comment 65Richi20-Sep-2003 18:31 GMT
Comment 66hammer20-Sep-2003 21:23 GMT
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Comment 68Fabio Alemagna20-Sep-2003 22:21 GMT
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